We are a new age dry fruit brand with the legacy of Kandhar Traders, one of the most trusted families in India in dry fruit wholesale trading. Our aim is to provide quality products with modernised luxury packaging. We have over 40 products , all sourced from premium locations, offering our customers supreme quality dry fruits from around the world. Our most famous Mamra almonds are sourced from Iran, known to be rich for its soil. Our premium products like dates are sourced from Jordan and Iran respectively; and the most luxurious Pine Nuts from Afghanistan. We are your one stop destination where health meets luxury!
Our berries are sourced from premium locations to provide the best quality products to our consumers. Berries are refreshing and sweet.They have a good nutritional value, and also provide a number of health benefits. They are rich in antioxidants which help maintain a radiant skin and can be included in all kinds of diets!